About Me

My name is Amy Chamberlain and I’d like to welcome you to Chamberlain Lets, a bespoke, independent Property Lettings and Management Company. A first class service created with a wealth of experience and with good old fashioned values at heart where each and every landlord and tenant is treated as an individual and shown all the so often forgotten, respect and manners.

Having spent 10 years in Spain running my own successful Property Search, Sales and Management Company I then returned to the UK to join what was, one of the principle local letting agencies, where I was given a fantastic opportunity to add to my experience, learn and absorb all the requirements of running a lettings and management company. Since 1st November 2015, with the encouragement of some amazing landlords, I took all the positive lessons and experience gained and created a business that isn’t about lining pockets or hitting targets but instead is about taking care of landlords, tenants and properties.

I pride myself in getting to know each and every Landlord and finding out their requirements for their investment and subsequently moulding the company objectives and promises around each individual property. I assume nothing and until instructed otherwise, consult the property owners at every stage.

I take time to make sure tenants feel comfortable, listened to and looked after.

I act immediately with any reported issues ensuring properties and tenants are looked after.

I have a brilliant army of trusted service providers all of whom I have worked with for a number of years and most of whom I can personally recommended having used them in my own home. I will not support any service provider that cannot be recommended. All outside invoices are sent directly to landlords with nothing added.

I make it an absolute priority to keep up to date with all legislation changes, ensuring I attend regular training webinars held by my governing body. All the necessary certificates and checks are carried out and updated to be sure that properties are legally rentable.